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The end of the 3rd quarter is here and that means my time as moderator has come to an end! It's time for me to step down from my moderator position and pass the torch, so to speak. I'm excited to say we grew a lot in the past few months. Starting from just a few users, we now have many community members actively making cards and even more members are commenting! I know that there is a great community forming here, so I am excited to see how it will develop! As I leave the position, another great community member will take my place. @JustinRay has been selected for the moderator position, so please give him a warm welcome! Although I will no longer be moderator, I will still be active in the community. If any of you need anything, please feel free to reach out and message me! All my best, BikeSnob
@JustinRay LOLOL My trick worked, I got someone to comment. :) I'll be around, but I think it's time for someone else to take my place. Just message me if you need any help
Aww. Well, good luck wherever you're headed to next!
I'm sitting here trying to think of something creative to say and then I see you commented to yourself and I quit! No matter what I type you win. It was a great time and I hope I can live up to what is expected of me. Hope to see you around @bikesnob!
Thanks for everything @BikeSnob! Sad to see you go.