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Who's excited for BioWare's upcoming installment of their Dragon Age series? The super detailed character creation is only a small (if you can call it that) part of what looks like is going to be a a HUGE game. I can't waaait.
@MattK95 Yeah I remember the first time I played I rolled a human noble and after the whole intro I was like...."REVENGE WILL BE MINE. /cry"
It's okay, @MattK95 ... you're not alone.
I'm soooo excited for this, gameplay aside, I've always enjoyed the Dragon Age stories, including almost crying in Dragon Age 2... Embarrassing I know, I won't say why incase others haven't played it, but yeah anyway gonna be fantastic!!!
@BRNKNG I played Origins through about three times, the first time I was a human noble also, and yeah I was angry/sad at the end of the intro... I may or may not have called Howe a few names xD
Hahaha @BRNKNG you too? Lol your character certainly goes through a lot in Dragon Age 2 even in the first five minutes haha
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