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Many of our significant others put up with our bike craze, but what if we died and our significant others went to sell the bikes we had piled in the garage. What if he/she sold them for what we said we bought them for. I would surely be selling the bikes at a major discount.
@danidee I'm blown away that you know more than one person with a Formigli. I don't think I'd ever give $5k to that guy, but I am the bike snob so I have my reasons
My sister used to date a guy who owned a bike shop. There were about 2-3 of the people in his staff that actually dropped the cash for them. The frames are nice to look at but I'm not bike snobby enough to know about quality. ;)
I had the opportunity to buy an old Bianchi off a friend for a really low price when they were moving, but someone beat me to it. It's a shame because they're REALLY beautiful bikes!
@danidee I'm just snobby in the sense that Formigli is not Bianchi or Cinelli or Colnago which are the "good ol' boys" of Italian bicycles.
Hahahaha this reminds me of all my friends that own those custom Formigli bikes.
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