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Are you excited for the next episode ?
I watched May Queen till the end,The story was long but unforgetable drama for me,every episode moves me and I always cry during watching it.
this movie is great
well we can't disregard the 15 years that she was together with chang hee... that 15 year relationship that they had will be really hard to forget.. and kang san just came back and still in love with hae joo.. but yes i want kang san and hae joo to be in love with each other... chang hee didn't exactly became a demon, he is just pretending to be one because he wants to take revenge on in ha's dad.. he is still very much in love with hae joo.. he's trying really hard to pretend that he doesn't.... =(
damn! why hae joo can't see the love of kang san?! i like kang san for her..! they look soooo great together..I hate chang hee! he become demon..!
It is a really great series...eagerly awaiting ep 21 to be subbjed.
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