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Project Ara just got cooler: it turns out, you'll be able to not only hot-swap batteries, but many other modules as well. What does that mean? You'll be able to change the battery, camera, and other aspects of the phone stored in modules without having to turn the phone off. The fact that the phone's battery is hot-swappable was revealed back in April during the Module Developers Kit. But the fact that it isn't limited to just the battery makes it even cooler. Project director Paul Eremenko has recently divulged in a keynote (attached on the second slide) that you'll be able to swap the phone's other modules, with the exception of the CPU and display, while texting or making a call. The key ingredient to making it swappable: a modified version of Android L alongside the non-profit organization Linaro. It was also stated that Google plans to build a store where you can buy different modules, similar to the Google Play store, to specialize in Ara parts. I have a feeling that this is going to be an awesome, expensive phone once I can get my hands on it! All the customization possibilities are insane. Check out the full keynote speech above.
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Wooah. This is great and my first time hearing about this. Thank you for sharing @amog32 !