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One element I love to the Disney fandom are the theories are the movies and how they may be connected. Some of these theories are crazy, but so interesting to think about! All the Pixar movies are connected! ● It hasn't been confirmed (yet) but you can see in the second image a timeline of how all of the Pixar movies are connected. Even if it's not "canon" it's still a really interesting idea! Tarzan is Anna and Elsa's brother?! ● This is my personal favorite Disney theory. It explains the idea that Anna and Elsa's parents don't actually die in the storm that supposedly sank their ship. Instead, their ship was blown off course to Africa where they survived and gave birth to a baby boy. Mufasa caused the drought in The Lion King ● According to this theory Mufasa's tragic death is actually what causes the drought throughout the Pridelands in The Lion King. 30 movies that fit into the same world! ● Are all Disney movies connected? With all of the Easter eggs contained in Disney movies, it was only a matter of time before someone connected 30 of them in the same world. The actual article is very extensive and thorough but you can get an idea from the picture above! Jane is Belle and Adam's great-granddaughter ● Besides the fact that Jane looks like she could be descended from Belle and the Beast (her features from Belle, and her brilliant blue eyes from Adam), her way of communicating with Tarzan and the animals in the jungle is one of the foundations of this theory, which suggests that she is in fact Belle's great-granddaughter.
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I love reading Disney theories. They are so much fun