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Facebook recently launched a new version of Atlas, an "ad-serving platform that enables media buyers and advertisers to create, buy, measure and optimize digital campaigns."(MarketingLand) According to their site, Atlas is "one place to create, buy, measure and optimize digital campaigns." Atlas is designed to improve online ad measurement across the web. (Wall Street Journal) They want to stop relying on cookies for demographics and other data because cookies can no longer keep up with the reach of certain advertising campaigns. Especially now with people using so many different devices, relying on data from cookies is not the way to go. Atlas allows you to track the success of your campaign directly on their platform, by linking users’ ad interactions to their Facebook accounts instead, whether the ads appear on Facebook or on third-party sites across the Internet. (WSJ) This means that they can get data from users regardless of what device they are on (tablet, web, mobile, etc) You'll be able to see if someone sees an ad on mobile and goes to web to look into it further or make a purchase. According to Atlas, they "support mobile, in-app and desktop, and all ad formats including native, email, search, social and video.”
Its interesting to know that these kinds of cross device data analysis aren't as common as we might think; I never used to know how complicated it was to draw the proper links between those different data sets.
I feel like more and more of my life is linking back to Facebook. Maybe its time for me to disconnect haha