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Bleacher Reports Ty Schalter seems to think that the Pats Dynasty is finished. He points to the embarrassing effort the Pats gave on MNF against the Chiefs and the losses they had to the Dolphins and Chiefs. I will have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Schalter and say that it is still way too early to give up on the Pats. Here are some points Ty makes and why I disagree. 1) The Pats barely beat the Raiders at home, and then the Raiders got blown out by the Dolphins. I disagree that this can be used as evidence against the Pats. Yes the Raiders are terrible, but it seems like HC Belichick called an extremely conservative game against them and didn't seem interested in showing the rest of the league anything about the team. And at the end of the day the Patriots won didn't they? 2) Brady has legitimate weapons now. That is no longer an excuse. A tweet from the article: "I don't want to hear about Tom Brady's WRs being the problem. The guy has Gronk, Edelman, Dobson, LaFell, Vereen. His weapons are fine." A flawed list. Dobson is not even active. LaFell was wanted by no one in free agency. Vereen is a RB who doesn't run through the tackles. Gronk is still not 100% although he is getting there. Edelman is the only legitimate WR on the roster and would he even be past the WR3 on most legitimate teams? 3) Ty states that the defense is certainly no longer a difference maker and will not be able to win them games. Yes the run D is among the worst of the league but the pass D is still hanging tough and not giving up too much. You can't count the Pats out just yet, especially when they are 2-2 in their division. Look for them to make a comeback. In the famous words of Aaron Rodgers, "R-E-L-A-X."
Pats got a tough matchup this week but it would really say something if they win!
Great post. I like your assessment of the situation, though they have been looking pretty washed up compared to the old days.