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H: Why are you running?! M: Because you look like you're mad! H: Of course I'm mad. Why did you go without saying anything?!! M: I'm sorry H hands her the picture M: Thank you. H: I have something to report. NI will be saved. And I also remember everyone's names. Even their last names! M *beaming*: You're wonderful! H:…But I don't get why it's painful. Why do you feel hurt? M: Huh? H: If you love me then stay by my side! Isn't it fine if you just stay with me? M: It hurts you know! Stay by your side?! What's up with that? I feel confused when you say things like that. I don't know your feelings toward me at all. M: Idiot!! Hyuga-san is an idiot! It doesn't matter anymore! H: Wait! Then how about this? I love you. How is that? M: Then?!! You said then casually like that?!?! H: I already said it so don't complain! H puts on his jacket H: Natsui Makoto! M: Yes? H: I'm in love with you so please stay by my side. M: But..I have a job in Brazil… H: Then go to Brazil! M: Huh?! It's Brazil you know! It's all the way down there *blah blah* H *annoyed, pulled and kissed the girl* *me: squealing!!! *
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hee this part is just <333
thanks : ] I love when he put his jacket on,to be formal enough,to say he loves her. very cute >,<
cliche scene but still a good enough for me hahahaha.... love it when hyuga propose to makoto in a formal way n thanks for the translation
it means the world to me... The hyuga makoto thinggy
love it!! Thank you for the translation!!
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