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Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean that love comes without limits. We are all human and that means accepting certain truths about ourselves and about the people we love. Here are a few things you can’t expect from your partner. Change ● As we grow and experience new things we all change. Life is about change. But what you can’t do is EXPECT your partner to change. Not only are you setting yourself up for disappointment when you place expectations on a loved one, you’re also it can be damaging for you and for your partner. Validate your reality ● There are times where you’re simply going to disagree with your partner. It happens, and it’s okay! But carrying an argument over something inconsequential (did you leave the trash open, or was it your guy?) can cause a lot of hurt between people who care about each other. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you don’t respect and love each other. Learn to be confident in yourself, and the little disagreements will feel less hurtful. Give you unconditional love ● The idea of unwavering, unending, and unconditional love is romantic, but unrealistic. I love fairy tales as much (if not more) than the next girl, but accepting that all things have their limits will leave you a healthier person in the long run. Again this is about expectations. Don’t expect love from your partner, love and accept love in return with no expectation. Read your mind ● It would be so useful if your husband or wife would just KNOW what’s going on in your head, but sadly this simply isn’t possible. Express yourself and don’t make your partner guess what’s going on with you. Make everything right ● No partner, no PERSON can ever fix absolutely everything. Some may get close sometimes, but it’s not your partners responsibility to fix all of the wrongs in your life. Sometimes it’s up to you to fix whatever is wrong. Be just like you ● It’s wonderful having things in common with people, and it’s especially wonderful doing things you enjoy with a person you enjoy! But having difference interests or opinions makes things a lot more interesting and makes for a better relationship. Be perfect ● This one should be obvious, but it’s another expectation that will only lead you to disappointment. It may sound nice to have someone perfect in every single way, but it’s a much healthier and truer relationship that is built on learning to join two different lives rather than two copies of the same life.
I feel like these should be rules for any relationship! Openness and honesty should be the basis no matter what the relationshp is.
thank you, sound so simple but not easy to experience it
@nehapatel absolutely! You can't very well expect a best friend or family member to do any of these either. Really great point!