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The number of wild animals has halved in the past 40 years, according to an analysis conducted by the WWF. Animals of all habitats are being decimated and the cause of which can be linked to humans. This is in-part due to pollution and over killing for food, however, The Guardian overlooked a much bigger problem than pollution and over killing. Strangely enough the biggest threat to all life doesn't start with humans, but of course we just exacerbate the problem. Habitat destruction and endangered species threat largely comes from noxious foreign invasive species overtaking ecosystems. These species out-compete native flora and fauna, and change specie composition to such a severe degree, that what lived there before can no longer survive. Unfortunately, much of the movement and spread of these exotic invaders around the globe is the fault of humans. These species mostly comes from international trade such as a ship's ballast water, transportation of firewood, or even taking a dirty boat from one body of water to another. Individuals can also purposefully or accidentally release exotic pets or garden with noxious plants. Although we are very good at consciously or subconsciously destroying other species, we have a responsibility to correct this behavior before it gets any worse. “We all have an interest, and a responsibility, to act to ensure we protect what we all value: a healthy future for both people and nature.”
Terrible, what are we doing to our planet?
@stargaze agreed! we need to do something before there is nothing left.
Just as @nehapatel I think this is such an issue because we aren't aware it's happening. The first step is solving a problem is educating. Once people understand the causes we can begin working to prevent and fix them!
There needs to be some intervention that can correct this or prevent it from getting worse.
That's so crazy.
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