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Knowing when you’re reading for a serious, rewarding, successful relationship is hard. Here about some a few things to ask yourself to see if you’re really ready to take the next step. “I realize that it's not too late.” ● Trying to push yourself into a relationship because you feel like you’re running out of time or options will never lead you to happiness. Neither will believing that you’ve already run out of time to find “the one”. There is still time! “It is reasonable for me to want a rewarding and fulfilling relationship.” ● Everyone deserve love, and that includes you! You deserve a loving, successful relationship. “I am entitled to and deserve a high-quality, caring relationship.” ● Just as you deserve to be loved, you also deserve to be respected.You deserve a fulfilling, quality relationship with someone who cares about you, your and dreams, and the things that are important to you. “I have done a thorough 'autopsy' on past relationships, and I have identified the ways in which I contaminated them.” ● No one is infallible. Even if you weren’t “at fault” for your last relationship ending, it’s still worth while to examine what you did wrong and what you could do better to continue being a better partner to your next significant other.
@AlohaJPark you're absolutely right! It's important to understand you deserve love and respect, but it's just as important to give that love and respect in return!
I think for number 3, you have to make sure you reciprocate that love and respect too!
@sjeanyoon exactly, some things are not to be rushed.
The first tip is so important! Never rush into or settle for something as serious as love.
@Sjeanyoon absolutely! There should never be a rush on something like love.