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tell your friends that you're single becoz you haven't met someone good enough for you.. and becoz god's buzy writing the best love story for you!! and hold your head high and enjoy being single'.. and don't give a damn to anyone.. you're still in school and have a whole long life ahead of you.. you'll meet someone need to make haste..enjoy life and love yourself
yay yah... What i need 2 tell dose dum people at skuul, buh no thnkn dat single meeens nobdiieh wntz yah.... lolz, thnxz :)
i love the line, "get your own life and love it first, then share it".. so apt.. unless you can love yourself, it is useless to try loving someone else.. i hate people who wag tails behind their partners.. love is equal..not a measure.. not a give and take.. but a sharing.. a sense of being one..and being single is awesome.. because one shouldn't relate to someone just because it's fun.. one should only commit when one knows what it is to commit.. because love is not a fairytale.. but a reality.. and one should not fool around
“Being single is pretty good. It’s a nice sense of irresponsibility.”
“Being single isnt the cause of loneliness, and marriage is not necessarily the cure. There are many lonely married people as well.”
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