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For anyone who thinks that academic works, reviews, and articles are dreadfully boring, remember, they don't have to be! Times, they are a changin'.... It's recently come to light that some Swedish scientists have been competing since 1997 in a quirky competition of sorts. At that time, John Jundberg and Eddie Weitzburg, two professors from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, published an article on flatulence titled "Nitric Oxide and inflammation: The answer is blowing in the wind." And from then on, their competition to see who could squeeze the most Bob Dylan lyrics into their works before retirement began. What does the winner get? A nice dinner, and a whole lot of pride. The two did keep it limited to articles, editorial reviews, and presentations: they couldn't put them into published scientific papers, but entered them in many other places throughout their ongoing competition! As time went on, other scientists joined, too. And that's when the dinner was added to the prize! Who joined? Jonas Frisen and Konstantinos Meletis, published a paper called "Blood on the Tracks: A Simple Twist of Fate," and joined in. A few years later, Kenneth Chien joined with his title "Tangled up in blue: Molecular cardiology in the postmolecular era." Who will win? Well, we'll have to wait until they retire to find out!
@galinda Glad someone caught them ;)
I want to have a position where sneaking thingsl ike this in will be a real accomplishment too lol
I see your references @nehapatel
cool,those scientists sound so fun