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Trick-or-treat for Motivation
According to designer/illustrator James Victore, there are two ways to get himself motivated: the good way and the bad way. The good way: try to love what you're doing! If you aren't loving it, identify why, and then fix it so that you can love your work! When you love it, you'll want to do it. Tell yourself you love it and then get to it! Also, be sure to check if you are lacking internal motivation (like a lack of energy because you didn’t sleep well last night)? The bad way: trick-or-treat yourself. Trick yourself into working for one hour, and time it so that you feel more obliged to complete the task at hand. Or, promise someone else that you'll get something done or started: then, you have to! Also try treating yourself. Treat yourself with something you've been wanting but haven't let yourself have after completing a set amount of work: next time, you'll be more motivated to get the work done without needing the treat!
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Great content! I'm going to clip this one for my art students advice collection!
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@danidee Great! Glad to know it can help. While his advice is aimed at design, I believe, it can help everyone.
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