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This video was shot in the Alps near Chamoinx, France, this past July, and it serves as a small window into the possibilities of climbing the Alps. Glaciers, mountain lodges, and spectacular view grace our eyes for 3 minutes and 35 seconds. These are the scraps of a wanted-to-make-but-failed documentary, but the images still serve as a great introduction to just whats out there!
@Sjeanyoon I'd be happy, but I also think I'd miss the warmth if I was too high up!! @sophiamor Yes! That's the best part for me, too. @peppermintt @danidee Let's get out there someday!
Wow this is stunning. I miss snow!
I've always wanted to visit this part of the world. Absolutely stunning.
Not only do I love the nature in this, but I love how this man spends his morning. A leisurely morning with sunshine, exercise and a beautiful view :)
Wow, can you imagine opening your windows to that view every day?