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Microsoft finally released information about the next version of Windows...which is 10, not 9. Features: - New resizable start menu and customization with live tiles - universal search will include pc + web results - task view will allow multitasking - can fit more apps, multiple desktops - updated command prompt, for those who like to use the terminal - updated touch interface Tech Preview will be downloadable tomorrow and you can sign up for the Windows Insider program to give feedback at
Looks good but I've seen a lot of these features in Ubuntu. I think it was time for Microsoft to implements the Desktop feature. I've been using this for the last 10 years in Ubuntu. I'm not ranting, just saying I'm happy to see Windows finally working on functional features that provide a real benefit to the users.
He's not talking about this next version of Windows. He's referring to the version after 9, which obviously will be version 10.
@patrickballeux thanks for sharing. I'm thinking of trying Ubuntu...I currently have windows 8 and fedora on another laptop.
@BillBoyle I was it because they're considering this developing stage as Windows "9:? From what I understand, they are not releasing a Windows "9" to consumers.