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Have any of you seen the new Pharrell Williams music video yet? "It Girl", released earlier today, features five minutes of amazing animation work by Japan's pop art icon, Takashi Murakami. This isn't Murakami's first music collaboration and certainly not the only time Pharrell has collaborated with a popular contemporary artist, but it's easily one of my favorite musician-artist collaborations yet!
@uberwren Totally! It seems to celebrate Japanese pop culture instead of making it an 'lol Azns are weird' thing.
@danidee agreed, it reminds me of Avril's failure of a single that I don't even remember the name of. Not in that they're alike at all but that this is tasteful whereas the Avril video was appropriation through and through.
This is how you honor a culture without appropriating it, A+ Pharrell!
@danidee oh wow that's actually really cool! he definitely hit the mark, this is very artistic and interesting c:
@AgentCory @caricakes Actually, Murakami is usually just a fine artist and doesn't really animate. He's picked up animation projects here and there but mostly just for art's sake and not anything too commercial. The characters he creates are more like composites of an idea. They look like characters because they are, but they're not really characters from anything. He's inspired by anime but he's not necessarily an anime artist. [Insert end of nerdy explanation time here.]
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