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I hate pink, but I'll admit that I'm a little bit obsessed with the satirically bubblegum world Dutch artist Lily van der Stokker created out of Chelsea's Koenig & Clinton Gallery. For women of a generation so determined to reshape the female identity, pink has really become a color to abhor. And in this small gallery, there's pink dripping off each giant sculpture, off the walls, and on the floors, and dollhouse style details hidden in flatly painted flowers along the borders of every sign. Messages like "Only yelling old women in here; nothing to sell" seem to openly critique the art industry's perception of women. Why should she create? Why should she express? She is really just a woman, after all. In the artist’s words, “Huh is about stupidity; about roundness, closeness and softness…it is girly, sweet, decorative, cheap, and about pleasure and color. The reputation of pink is one of low intellect. For me, pink represents a comfort zone; a world without ambition. Here, pink is a world of pleasure, of goals unreached, a world without urgency or pressure.”
I am (obviously) a total sucker for pink things so I would LOVE to see this in person!
So much pink! I sort of love it, sort of hate it haha
It's a cartoon come to life!
definitely the cartoonic art and sculptor looks sooo real amazing creation I would love to c this 2 :)
@Sjeanyoon You and me (and this artist) both!