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Lions TE Joseph Fauria Sprains Ankle Chasing Puppy
Ex-UCLA Bruins TE Joseph Fauria explains how he sprained his ankle chasing his puppy! "He was about to pee and I was like, 'Come here you little ... nugget,'" Fauria said Monday at his locker with a boot on his left foot and crutches by his side. "And I was chasing him downstairs. I wasn't running but I was chasing him downstairs and I just misstepped and I reached with my left foot and I just didn't end up well." The funniest thing to all of this is the PETA. They sent him a letter with a training manual on how to properly train his dog and also sent him a free book and some vegan chocolates. Stay classy PETA. And also... "Come here you little... NUGGET?" Careful choice of words their Mr. Fauria haha.
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