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Dave Stuart Jr. on Using Article of the Week
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Dave gives a great explanation of how to use Kelly Gallagher's Article of the Week assignment. This is an area where librarians can support teachers--help find articles, recommend Newsela, etc. Key features I liked from Dave's approach: ~Mark your confusion. Showing students that figuring out what they don't know or understand is key to eventual comprehension. It helps to model this, too:) ~ Annotate. Here's your proof of close reading. And annotate means commenting, not smily faces or exclamation points. ~ Reflect. The assignment usually ends in a one page reflection. For most students, that means about 40 pages of writing just for AoW by the end of the year. That's hopefully a lot of great practice at several Common Core standards in one convenient lesson! Be sure to check out Dave's blog at www.teachingthecore.com, and his detailed article on how he uses AoW here: http://www.teachingthecore.com/article-of-the-week-assignment/
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