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Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne Out For the Season
The Cowboys had at least one major casualty of the last game against the Saints: Cornerback Morris Claiborne's season is out for the season because of a torn patellar tendon in his left knee. According to ESPN, "Claiborne suffered the noncontact injury on a third-and-3 play with 5:52 left in the first quarter." Also, "owner and general manager Jerry Jones said initial fears were a torn anterior cruciate ligament." Getting nervous when things are going well is a tradition for Cowboys fans - here's hoping that that this season is not ruined by a plague of injuries as have several of the last few. And best wishes to Claiborne for his surgery and recovery! Always very sad to see an athlete get injured.
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I dont think the secondary will suffer too much since Claiborne has been such a disappointment but it's always disappointing to see someone get hurt! The Cowboys are hot right now though and they should be fine. Good post!
This guy has been a disaster... while most of our recent top picks have been useful, Claiborne definitely was not one of them.