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Netflix just announced the release date for their first feature length original film, a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The movie is set to release next August and will be shown simultaneously in theaters and streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately, Netflix has encountered some negative responses from major theater companies. AMC Theaters, Regal Cinema, and Cinemark have all expressed their displeasure with Netflix’s plan, going so far as to refuse to show the movie! According to reports, Netflix’s expansion into the world of making movies is rocking the boat of traditional media consumption so to speak. I for one am cheering Netflix on in this move! I love watching a movie on the big screen as much as the next girl, but sometimes that’s not an option so having the option to stream it is a wonderful alternative! It’s disappointing the major theater companies don’t agree, but it’s a great opportunity for independent theaters! All the small, independently owned and operated theaters now have a chance to shine with what I’m sure will be a highly anticipated hit!
@sophiamor exactly! There are times when I'm sick, or just don't want to go through the hassle of going to a big theater so having a steaming option would be wonderful!
I have to travel for work so I rarely have time to go to an actual movie theatre. Netflix would be such a great option for me, go Netflix!
It's good to see companies shaking up the industry!
I would pay so much money (that I don't have but nvm) to watch movies in the theater from my bedroom O.O