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Ryan Reynolds Baby DRAMA
He's just a new dad people, give him a break. Everyone is still stirring over some controversy about how Ryan Reynolds used a baby carrier incorrectly. Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively, had a daughter who they named James. Lively posted the Instagram picture above on Father's Day which resulted in an overwhelming amount of buzz from fans worried about James' safety. It's funny how critical everyone is being especially since many act as if they've never made a mistake as a parent. Ryan, don't provoke people more than you already have. Of course he took it one step further. He then quoted a tweet of the picture above commenting, "This is absolutely monstrous and does anybody know if it requires a permit?" The picture was captioned, "These baby cages were used in apartments in the 1930s to make sure the child got enough fresh air and sunlight." Good intentions right? People need to realize that times were very different 85 years ago. Health standards and safety hazards were drastically different. They also didn't have social media to criticize every action you did. People made mistakes, sometimes bad things happened, but it was a realistic learning experience. YOU MOVED ON. Here's Reynolds interview with TODAY that was posted yesterday and it shows some insight on his new movie along with a quick response to his baby drama. Reynolds simply states, " You know, I'm a first time dad and that is not the first mistake I've made and I can guarantee you that it won't be the last." Lively and Reynolds have tried to keep their daughter James out of the public eye since last December and especially now with all of the controversy. I say no big deal and move on. Every parent makes some mistakes. Do you think he needed an apology? [ No babies were harmed in the making of this card. ]
Who wore it better: J. Hud vs. Nicole Scherzinger vs. Blake Lively (poll)
It's the attack of the little black dress with a twist! Nicole Scherzinger, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Lively rocked this banded minidress from Victoria Beckham's collection, but they each styled the dress very differently. Let's break down each look and determine who wore it better. Blake Lively Blake Lively rocked this black banded minidress with a loose up-do and minimal accessories. She pairs the dress with white and black earrings and ring. Her pumps add some color and sparkle with blue sequined toe caps. She kept her makeup neutral and added a swipe of pink lip gloss to complete the look. Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson chose the all-black look. She paired the black minidress with black tights and black patent pumps. She chose to pair futuristic, chunky bracelets with the look. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail with heavy bangs. She kept her makeup minimal and neutral and added a swipe of pink, sheer lip gloss to finish off the look. Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger chose to add a pop of color to her black minidress with her makeup. Her purple eyeshadow really pops against the all-black look. She paired the dress with black and silver sparkly pumps. She kept the rest of her accessories very minimal with just a pair of black stud earrings. WHO WORE IT BETTER? In my opinion, Blake Lively takes the cake with her look. Her pumps add just the right amount of sparkle to the black outfit. The accessories don't overpower the look, but complement it. Jennifer Hudson's bangs are a little too heavy for the intricate structure of the dress. I also wish Jennifer had chosen to have a pop of color somewhere in her look. Nicole Scherzinger's hair is a little too formal for the look. The structured silhouette doesn't fit Nicole's body well. All in all, I think Blake Lively wins this round!
4 Ponytail Lessons From Blake Lively
Does flawless even appear in Blake Lively's world? Whether it be her career, love life or beauty, she seems to have it all together. She also has her way to make a ponytail appear modern and edgy with unconventional styling tricks. 1. Play up a high ponytail with a simple braid. Take during the 2009 Emmy Awards. Blake rocked the red carpet with a stunning red dress with sequin details and high ponytail with braid details. To recreate this look, tie your hair back into a high ponytail. Take a small section from the ponytail tail and clip it aside. Then, make a simple braid with the rest of the hair until you reach the ends. Finally, release the clipped hair, wrap it around the ponytail hiding the elastic and secure it with pins. Image Source: Reuters 2. Take an edgy spin with a fishtail braid. Fishtail braids are often styled on the side but Blake made it more interesting by creating an undone look at her Salvage premier. She styled the tousled fishtail braid in a high ponytail and finished it off by tying her matte-textured hair around the end of tail. To match her stunning yellow dress, she added a shimmery ponytail holder at the base. Image Source: Gettys Image 3. Three is the lucky number! During Met Gala 2013 Blake was spotted with a three section 'do. This was done by putting the top section into a ponytail and loop ends through to create a second one. Repeating this until you have three connected ponytails. 4. Don't be afraid to mix and match. Blake is also on top of her game. In 2009, at the Society of Memorial Sloan event she made an elegant hybrid of a curl pin updo with a low ponytail. You can recreate this style by pin curling the top section of the hair and tie the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. You can't deny she's an expert with ponytails. Which one(s) is your favorite?