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Whether they’re your co-workers, family, or even your best friends, there are just some people who shouldn’t be giving relationship advice. And when they do give advice, it’s important to remember to take it with a grain of salt. Even when someone means well, they’re words may not come from a truly helpful place so what they have to offer can do you more harm than good. The biased... ● If your friend or family member has something to gain from the success or demise of your relationship, you should expect a skewed opinion. Maybe if your bestie feels like she’s lost you now that you’re attached, she could be pushing you toward a breakup without even meaning to. Likewise, the dear aunt who wants you married off might encourage you to ignore serious problems and remain in a relationship that doesn't suit you. Drama-seekers... ● We all know this friend, they always have stories of relationship mayhem that could include public fighting, restraining orders, stalking, on-and-off toxic trysts, etc. Even if you love and respect them as your friend, this person is NOT going to give you advice on a successful, fulfilling relationship. Single friends who have had limited long-term relationships... ● They may have a heart of gold, and may even have great advice about being single, but if they haven’t had a serious long lasting relationship they won’t be able to advise you effectively. Friends who are recovering from fresh breakups... ● They’re either going to be brokenhearted and too wrapped up in their own pain to be helpful, or too angry or resentful over their own failed relationship to give you the support you need. It doesn’t make them a bad friend or person, but they aren’t in a good place to help you. Be there for your friend, but realize that there's no good advice forthcoming from this source in the near future. Newlyweds... ● This might sound crazy, but stay away from newlyweds. Speaking as someone who’s been there and given very poor relationship advice fresh off of my honeymoon, someone who’s just tied the knot is not the person you want advice from. Our entire outlook on love is through wedding tinted glasses. Give this person a couple years for the novelty to wear off and come back for some more solid help!
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I think friends give the worst advice lol