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Miley has been working with Mari Winsor for three years to get her great legs and abs. She even installed a pilates studio in her home so that Mari can pay her personal visits. Miley's favorite moves are the 100s, which Mari demonstrates in the following video. Miley chooses pilates because she is able to do it for a short amount of time (not every single day) and get great results. For someone as busy as she is, studying pilates makes perfect sense! Check out the video for an introduction to Miley's favorite moves :)
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The hundreds always look so much easier than they actually are :)
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I haven't paid much attention to Miley, her music wasn't really my taste, but she really knows how to take care of her body!
3 years ago·Reply
Pilates is the best! Even the most basic moves will tone your body in no-time
3 years ago·Reply
No twerking?
3 years ago·Reply
wow her stomach...
3 years ago·Reply