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The 7 Most Incredible Game Exploits!

Not talking about hacks or glitches or things that aren't supposed to be there, these are 7 ridiculous and ridiculously awesome game elements that maybe the developers didn't intend to be a way to play the game but they in there and they're awesome. (and yeah the original list is 8 but videos are more interesting anyway!) + The Reckoning Bomb - World of Warcraft + It's been removed now, but back in the day one of the paladin abilities in WoW was to save an extra free attack when you critically hit. Meaning if you saved a lot of those free attacks, you could use them all at once on a single boss. + Bucket Head Burglary - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim + Exactly what it sounds like, if you have a bucket and you put it on your head it becomes perfect camouflage, allowing a player to sneak and steal to their hearts content. + The Jerks with the Javelins - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 + A bizarre but troll-tastic exploit that let you turn yourself into a human grenade! + The Endless Lives of Mario + This one is a lot easier to see than explain, but basically if you jump on the shell you get endless lives. No really, that's it XD + Rainbow Road Shortcut - Mario Kart 64 + If you've ever plaid a Mario Kart game you're familiar with the horror that is Rainbow road >< I have screamed about this level so many times, seriously. BUT in the 64 version you could actually hop off the track and drop onto a lower part jumping ahead of the other racers. This is probably why you just fall off and die in the later versions. + Shocking the Yellow Devil - Mega Man + This one's a little complicated for me and I haven't done it so it's hard to explain, but basically you can one shot this Mega Man boss with a lightening bolt. + The Great Space Cease Fire - Galaga + Clever way to outsmart the enemies, you basically wait for them to "run out of ammo" and then you can shoot everything as it comes and nothing will shoot YOU.
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