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The Ghost Breakup ● You went out a handful of times, talked on and off, and they seemed pretty nice! But then all of a sudden you don’t hear from them and it’s like they’ve completely disappeared. You wonder if they even existed, or were just a ghost. The Hookup Fade Breakup ● This is the guy you never really dated, just went out with and shared a night or two with. After a while you stop talking as often, until you aren’t talking altogether and they fade out of your life. Hopefully a pleasant memory, but not a lasting relationship. The Instant Soul Mate Breakup ● Otherwise known as the “Anna and Hans” breakup. You meet someone who you instantly click with. They get you, you get them, and it’s perfect! Until they mention something that brings your runaway bridal train to a screeching halt and you come back to reality. They were never meant to last, but they’re a good reminder about keeping your wits about your while finding your special someone. The Fashion Victim Breakup ● You went out once and their outfit was less than impressive, but it happens, maybe it was laundry day or they just came from the gym. Then you go out again and it’s the same underwhelming tshirt and sweats. When it happens a third time, it’s time to call it quits. You deserve a mate who will dress to impress you, and save comfort for behind closed doors. The Phone Breakup ● Sometimes people choose to breakup via telephone because it’s just to hard to do in person. And sometimes it’s because they just aren’t invested enough. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there and done that (as dumper, dumpee, or both).
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Ah the ghost breakup. Not my favorite.