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As I start this collection of featuring my favorite wedding photographers I would like to share a few thoughts. From the inception of wedding planning to the actual ceremony, everything is orchestrate in a fashion that will exemplify your dream wedding. At an important event like a wedding, it is natural that you want to save the moment and share your experience with the your friends and families. Photography is a beautiful way to keep those events alive and I think hiring an experience wedding photographer will ensure those moments and little details are documented beautifully. Three reasons why I think hiring an experienced wedding photographer is totally worth it: 1. You get amazing results. This is obvious, but having a well-trained photographer will make you feel photogenic in every angle captured. 2. Save time. The work of a wedding photographer do not end at taking the pictures. They take the time to edit, proof, and process the photos to your personal liking. 3. Budget-friendly. There are many under the radar photographers that delivers amazing photography at a reasonable price. Wedding packages differ among photographers, but there will be one that will suit your needs. 3. Personal style. They usually take the time to get to you know and your love story to get an idea of what look and style you are going for. In addition, wedding photographers usually have a second or assistant photographer to accompany their shoot to capture moments they may have missed if they were to shoot alone.