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You heard right! The wildly successful Twilight Saga is making a miniature return with a series of short films based on the novels. These videos will feature the characters we already know and love, and maybe even some new faces! What’s really interesting about this project is its heavy female focus. Each mini-movie will be directed by a different young aspiring female director and serve as an entry in a competition (currently dubbed The Storytellers – New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga). Once all five shorts have aired, a panel of female judges including Twilight star Kristen Stewart, will select a winner! There have been numerous arguments, many that I have agreed with actually, that Meyer’s books have hindered feminism and the female voice in the media. I’m hopeful that this project will help alter the course of Twilight’s popularity to empowering woman and doing some real good in the world!
Looking back, I admit this series is not the healthiest...but the old fangirl inside of me is kind of excited haha
This... Is such a strange idea to me. I mean sure they're going to milk the Twilight franchise for all its worth but the fact that this is so focused on female creators is intriguing to me. I guess we'll find out.
I"m hoping that they do some major altering and make it an inspiring story, which it could have been but totally wasn't but I'm still on an entirely guilty level really interested to find out what happens here?
No thanks
Oh geez.
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