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~~Fairytale doesn't always end with "happily ever after"~~ Watch trailer here: SPOILER AHEAD!!!! ----------------------------------------------- I just finished watching "Josee, the Tiger and the Fish" . The name was too sophisticated that it made no sense or whatsoever to me before and even after watching the movie. This movie is a beautiful movie. I realized the mermaid fairytale connection after the couple went to a love hotel called Fish Castle. Josee is handicapped; she was diagnosed with some kind of brain disease which immobilized her legs. Her real name is Kumiko but she goes by Josee since it's the name of the heroine in her favorite novel. She lives with her grandmother who often takes her out for a walk in a cradle. I thought the actress who played Josee looks quite like Juri Ueno who was also in the movie. Even the role would be suited for Juri considering the character was quite a...character; somewhat similar to Nodame in Nodame Cantabile. Two things I like about Josee: she says what's on her mind, you could say she has an attitude but she's also very knowledgable. She likes to read and she reads alot. She reads all the books that her granny got for her from sorting out the trash people throw out. She's like the little mermaid who never sets foot on land and is curious about everything. And then Tsuneo, played by Satoshi Tsumabuki, came into her life. He is popular and outgoing and perhaps the very opposite of her. Yet the two are drawn to each other. It was beautiful and intense. Their kiss was the most beautiful kiss I've ever seen in a movie. I wasn't going to write a review for this movie. But I feel the need for it because I don't want to forget the feelings and emotions this movie gave me. It was beautiful, like a fairytale. A fairytale that does not end with a "happily ever after". I can understand; the time they had together. It was love, pure love. But Tsuneo said the reason why they broke up was because he ran away. I still will not accept it. I know it's naive to think that "True love conquers all" but if your love is true than nothing can tear you apart. No matter what circumstance, no matter what reason. It was bitter. Like coffee. like dark chocolate, like love. Tsuneo cried when he left Josee. Their breakup doesn't look painful. But he cried. Josee did not have a nervous breakdown. She was able to manage to live on her own, just like when she said she'd be ok if Tsuneo left her. It was sad, like the ending of the real mermaid fairytale. But at least Josee didn't die. It was realistic enough, however. We always seek idealistic things in our dreams, in the movies we watch because we know we will not find them in real life. The movie is worth watching. I'm not a fan of sad endings because I'm a person who seeks happy things in the unreal world since the real world is already wretched enough. But I like this movie. It was similar to "Be With You".
oh please do!!! their performances were so great!!
satoshi! ill watch it :)