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cool.. stay at vingle for a'll feel like you're i have knowledge about k dramas as much as anybody..welcome to the worlf of drama addicts :D
thnxzzzz... well itz funny coz i actually wsnt introduced by it... it was like fate jus brought us 2getha but the first time,well i liked it, but not as muj as i do nowadays. But until i met mah frn in school dat i realised tht i really loved it, n thnxzz mah frn suggestd da 1st movie 2 me, lolz :) thnxz :)
i myself am not from korea but through vingle i keep myself updated..if you wanna try jang geun suk drama go for the two i suggested.. you're beautiful is one of my fav..and baby and i is a funny movie!!
ahahahahaha, I'm from New Zealnd but I really love Korean dramas, n thnxzzz 4 da info, cos reelieh I need 2 b updated :) 감사합니다
*favourite *to his name
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