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Celebrity Time with ChristinaByrce!
Hey you all! Are you ready to gossip about celebrities? Find some inspiration from their fashion? Keep up to date with who's doing what, dating who, and making their runway debuts? Well, me too! Which is why I applied for, and was happily selected, to be this quarters Celebrity Community Moderator! Yay!!! I couldn't be more excited! The celebrity community here on Vingle is pretty decently sized, but we never talk enough!! I hope that through the next three months I can post a lot of fun celebrity facts, and we can get the conversation going! If there is a celebrity you love, or something you want to know, let me know and I'll help find it! Or, if you wanna help me in the community, shoot me a message!! If by the end of the year we have some more hot pics of celebrities and an awesome database of who's hot and who's not solidified, I'll be satisfied with what I've done with my time as moderator. So, let's get chatting!
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