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Do you like food? Me too! And that's why I applied to be the food Community Moderator for the last three months of this year, and I couldn't be happier to have been selected! So far I've limited my involvement in food to baking and recipes, but I hope to expand to include some facts about the history of different foods, the culture of food, recipes in different areas, food facts and more! I have tons of ideas, but if there is anything you think our community needs, just send me a message or comment :) I love food, and spend a lot of my days at home preparing food for my little ones. They're picky eaters, so often I'm making something I want to eat for myself, and something else for them! Because of that, I really know food :) I wouldn't call myself a foodie, but someone who loves food, and knows how to work with it! If you also love food, and want to help grow our community, message me! My goals are to have more active members of our community, and to cover many more areas than just baking! I hope I can accomplish that in just three months! Wish me luck, and remember, if you want to be staff, send me a message and we can talk about it :) Hope everyone has a great lunch!
Thank you everyone! I couldn't agree more @danidee
Congratulations, @flourmaniac!
Congratulations @flourmaniac! You always post incredible recipes and tips so I'm really excited to see the food community grow and thrive this quarter!
One of the best things to be moderator of really.
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