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Hey everybody! Read anything good lately? Sadly, I have been so busy lately that I decided to not apply to be the books Community Moderator this last quarter, and it seems there will not be a new community moderator this term! I had a great time last term sharing some of my favorite book adaptations and sequels (especially all those Jane Austen ones!) and loved seeing all the library and education books the community had to share. I hope that even though there will not be a moderator in our community this quarter, we can help it grow ourselves! I'll still be sharing books that i enjoy, but I've been spending more of my time with TV and web series these days, so I can't be moderator! Let's keep reading and keep encouraging each other to read even without a moderator. And if you have a question or need a recommendation, just message me!
Sad to see you go, but like @LibraryLady said hope to see you still sharing books!!
Thanks for all your hard work :)
That's too bad you can't be the mod this time @timeturnerjones, but it happen c: and we can definitely all work together to build an awesome place for book lovers!!!
@LibraryLady I will be! Just sans title :)
Hope you stick around and share books, @timeturnerjones!
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