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Last night I had the opportunity to assist in art sales for Lux Art Institute's artist-in-residence, Ye Hongxing's closing reception. I have been working as an auxiliary student for Lux for almost a year now, and am always excited to see the art that comes in and out of the gallery. Lux's premise is a little different from your standard art space. Every other month, a different artist from around the world is invited to come live in a small studio apartment adjacent to the gallery, where they will spend the entire time creating new work. They literally work INSIDE the gallery, and patrons are able to come in and out as the month goes on, observing the artist's process and finally, returning for the closing reception to check out all the final products and sit for a brief lecture about them. One thing that drew me to Ye Hongxing's art is how seamlessly she blends the elements of 'New Asia' and 'Old Asia'. She uses tiny plastic stickers featuring anything from teddy bears and bicycles to Hello Kitty and Doraemon to create large images of Buddha and the Bodhisattvas, Hindu scenes of Parvati and Vishnu, common Ukiyo-e imagery, or intricate Tibetan Mandala work. The micro to macro detail of each of her compositions is simply mind-blowing. Seeing something from afar as simply a stunning composition only to move closer to take in the fact that - quite literally - Buddha's eye is comprised of scrapbooking rhinestones and cartoonish animal stickers is as awe-inspiring as it is humorous. (She works with the teeniest pair of tweezers I've ever seen too!)
This is so cool! That's awesome that you got to spend time seeing this @danidee. I almost feel like if I did art, this is the kind of stuff I would aspire to!
So detailed! Her art is amazing.
WOW,very cool
This is incredible work! You're right about the mix of the old and new, I love her use of Hello Kitty :)
@danidee I feel like you have to mix the old styles with new styles these days to get people to pay attention; otherwise, it gets passed off as "seen." Which is sad, but true. Mixed media is where it's at!
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