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Artist/illustrator Edie Everette creates witty little bits about life as an artist in her online comic series "I Am An Artist". This particular one rings pretty true no matter which focus you pursue. (How do you explain to a non-artist what sort of art you do?!) For more funnies, including 'The 7 Deadly Sins of Art' and 'First Aid for the Uninsured', check out her website at http://www.everettecartoons.com/i-am-an-artist-series.
Guilty! I've definitely dropped this question on someone before :3
Yes! It's the first thing anyone asks an artist and it's the hardest one to answer. I had so much trouble with this when I was going through college.
@danidee well your concentration certainly sounds interesting!
@pixiedust So funny! It gets hard to explain your focus when it comes to art. Even as an Art History person, I have to be like "Wait! I don't only sit around talking about Leonardo da Vinci!" My upper division emphasis is East Asia so while I love talking about Marcel Duchamp as much as the next art nerd, my studies are definitely a lot more concerned with Ancient Chinese ritual vessels and the regional variations of Buddhist iconography. (But yes, it definitely takes a little longer to explain than just 'I'm an art history major!')