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Street art duo Ella & Pitr have the cutest little love story. They first met while pasting up paper murals in the streets of Saint Etienne back when Ella was a comedian and Pitr was a graffiti writer. Today, Ella & Pitr use a combination of Indian ink, paper, and glue to create rooftop murals that reflect their own 'contemporary vision of humanity'. Their work highlights ordinary people (the old, the tired, the sad), facing the world's darkness.
@danidee I feel like it is possible that they did start getting "let in" to these places, you're right. I was just curious :)
@onesmile You know, I'm actually not sure. They've never made a point of saying in anything I've read or watched about them. I know that when these artists first met, they were definitely going into places they weren't allowed, but I'm not sure if, as they got more popular, more people were willing to offer them sites to work with.
This is so random and not really important to it at all, but do you know if they get permission to use these spaces? @danidee LIke you said, it's surprising that no one got in their way for such large murals
@hunahuna it's amazing how they were able to create this huge work right in the middle of a basketball court. Either they worked really fast and within their own studio space or French teenagers hate recreational sports.
Love how large scale that is. Whether you like the art or not, that is some dedication!
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