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How to use Google Now: get the most out of Google Now cards and commands http://drippler.com/updates/share/how-use-google-now-get-most-out-google-now-cards-and-commands Via j.mp/drippler_app
Thank you so much! I'm going to check out the Commandr app!! @DanWest
the accessibility of what I need, when I need it. it's like it's a little psychic. LOL when I'm driving somewhere and getting ready to head home, and the Google maps card for home is there...I can just click it and I'm on my way. I also like the responsiveness of when I ask it a question. the results are way more accurate and helpful. but my absolute favorite is when I use it in conjunction with the Commandr app for automation. I can speak an action like "turn flashlight on", and it works. if you don't have the Commandr app, go check it out in the play store. (no root required)
Google Now is pretty handy, what is your favorite feature?