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$265 La Prairie Foundation Review
What..? $265 Foundation? Are you kidding me !! Hahaha .. I guess La Prairie is considered as one of the best skincare brand. Alright.. so we want to know if it is really worth the price! Let's see. She's putting it on.. oh and it actually looks quite thick she's holding the stick but it won't drip off the stick :) hmm guessing it may be matte? Ohhh she said it's got a full coverage and it's very radiant, saying that she probably put too much on... She's a bit surprised on how white she looks on her camera haha. If anyone is planning on getting this one, choose one color darker because it seems it has whiter color than what it actually looks like on the bottle.. she loves the natural look on her face! :) I see it too. I like it too. Now she's going to put on the concealer that is at the top of the bottle. If I... get a chance to purchase this item (which I don't really think so..?), I think it's better to use small amount because she kept saying she has put too much on her face even though it doesnt really look like she put a lot on her face. yeah she's done with the base - drawing her eye brows now. Looks gorgeous. She really loves the texture but worried that it might get oily later on. This picture was taken at 1pm, when she just applied the foundation on. It's been 3 hours since she applied it, and I think it still looks okay. 10 hours later.. no cracks or anything :) whoa.. yeah maybe it's worth the price haha. Anyone planning on getting this product!? full video
10 Times Kim and Kanye Killed the Couple's Fashion Game
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be many things, but no one can deny that they're a fashionable couple. Since the fame and fashion-hungry couple teamed up, Kanye seems to be influencing Kim's sartorial choices for the better, and they've nailed down a sleek and edgy couple's style to beat. 1 When they both wore head-to-toe Balmain like high-fashionistas. They truly love Balmain, and what's more high fashion than wearing looks with matching designer prints covering both bodies? They're forcing their way into the fashion world, one couple's look at a time. 2 When they kept it all covered up in black at the BET Awards. It's rare to see them both so buttoned-up, but Kim and Kanye looked polished and cooler-than-you in matching satiny looks. 3 When Kim was Kanye's accent color. When Kanye wears black on black, what's a more effective accent color, his shoes, or a dressed-in-red partner? 4 When they featured the same peekaboo cleavage front row at the Lanvin show. His and hers underboob is a thing apparently, according to Kimye. Both let their respective tops hang drape down over their shoulders and hang open, with mixed results. 5 When between the two of them, they wore every "neutral" color. While this is one of their least matchy matchy looks, between Kim and Kanye, they're wearing navy, black, brown, white, taupe, and blush, and if that's not downright admirable, I don't know what is. 6 When they matched black and white and denim all over. They definitely coordinate which neutrals go where in their respective ensembles, and I don't hate it. Do you think they borrow each other's coats? 7 When they used their baby to complete their front-row monochrome fashion. We can't forget the importance of baby North as a fashion accessory, and how she completed their familial fashion. 8 When Kanye's sweatshirt somehow went with Kim's Balmain pearl-covered dress. I don't know how they look coordinated despite the obvious mix of high and low going on here, but they do. Notice how Kanye's sneakers subtly match Kim's dress. 9 When they looked regal in navy velvet. Though Kim's brief stint as a blonde was questionable, it does wonders to offset their head-to-toe navy looks. 10 When they rocked American sportswear. If Kim and Kanye's casualwear involves a canadian tuxedo and high heels, I still don't hate it. Oh yeah, and their Balmain ads that show more Kim and Kanye than Balmain.
DIY Sponge-Dyed Ombre Sneakers
You'll need: • Gloves • Syringe (1 per color) — Optional but recommended :) • Rubber Cement — Optional • Masking Tape — If you don’t have rubber cement • Sponge • Popsicle sticks for mixing the dye • Fabric Dye (Liquid or Powder) • Paintbrush (Make sure it’s clean — I suggest using a new brush; just buy the cheapest one) • Plastic Cups for mixing dye • Hot water • Newspaper or anything to cover your work area • Wear clothes you don’t mind having fabric dye spilled or splattered on Step 1: Bring out your sneakers :D (old or new) Step 2: Cover all the rubber side strips with Masking tape or Rubber Cement to block out the dye from adhering to the rubber. You can remove it afterwards or wait for it to wear off We won’t be dipping the entire shoe in the dye mixture so there’s no need to cover the soles. Step 3: Now you have to wet/soak your sneakers (canvas part only) with HOT water. You can do so by using a paintbrush first then soaking it more with a sponge. Step 4: Make your dye mixture Step 5: Once you’re done mixing your dye mixture (darkest) ~ take out your atomizer and syringe (optional). I think the smaller atomizers will work best for sneakers as it won’t cover a large surface area. For bigger materials such as shirts, you can use the bigger atomizers (Yes, the one you use when ironing clothes) Step 6: Use your sponge to wet your sneakers again :) Make sure to cover the whole area~! Spray the back part of your shoe with the dye bath. Careful not to over-spray :) You can always spray again :D Step 7 : Now take your brush, dip it in your hot water and carefully blend out your dye (Colored to white areas of your shoe). Yes, we are now creating the ‘ombre effect’. Use more water as you get nearer the middle part of your shoe or wherever you want the ombre to end (white). Afterwards, clean your brush and dip it again in water (clean hot water). Now carefully brush water starting from the WHITE part of your shoe to the lightest ombre — this is to remove or make any hard lines more subtle. Repeat steps until you’re satisfied with your ombre. If you’re using only one color, you can stop here and let your sneaks dry :) Step 8: If you’re planning to have 2 or more colors, simply repeat steps 4 - 7.