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Darian Shirazi, former Facebook developer and founder of Radius, a marketing intelligence company, has recently raised $54.7 to transform the marketing intelligence. Marketing intelligence is the use of data science in order to grow businesses by reaching out to their audiences in a more efficient way. Radius is the first company that has been able to successfully combine software and marketing so effectively and raise so much money. The official Radius website calls their platform an integrated, cloud-based software to make data-driven marketing decisions. They specifically target B2B marketers who can easily connect their CRM to Radius and visualize your market success and help guide you in your pursuit to reach to other top markets. Radius proves to us how big data science is becoming in business and marketing! More about Radius:
@TechatHeart Very true; I didn't even think about new businesses haha! I'm no expert either, but it'll be interesting to find out if this has real effects. I feel like most users don't even know these kinds of businesses and products exist!
@onesmile yes that's a really good point! I'm not an expert in marketing, but I'm guessing the appeal of this service is that it's easy to use and does the work for you? and it would also appeal to new businesses who need help :)
Interesting, I kind of assumed that people had already figured out how to use this kind of huge data integration...isn't that why people hate on facebook so much, because they track and target you so well? I guess this guy came from Facebook, so it kind of makes sense.