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Offtime, a young post-tech startup based in Berlin, has released a new app that will help you unplug from your device and social media so you can focus on work, relax, and spend quality time with friends and family. The android app allows you to make profiles, where you customize and block contacts from contacting you by setting up an auto-reply message. You are also able to block distracting apps on your phone and resume activity after your "off-time". I downloaded the app on my phone to check it out and it's really cool! I like the simple UI design and plan to use it whenever I'm studying or want to simply "unplug" from social media. Definitely a great addition to productivity apps!
@csgeek it's alright, I actually found it to be useful when studying...but not everything will work for everyone since we're so different :)
I tried this app for the day but didn't find it too useful. i think I'm just hopeless
I should use this but I'm too scared to say goodbye to my Facebook app for too long. Ahhhh.
Wow this is actually an incredible idea! I love that you can label what you're spending your time on like 'family time' or 'sleep.' Do you know if it will be on iphone too?
you should try it out @danidee! you can actually set how much time you want to be "offline" :)
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