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This simple move is perfect for when you suddenly realize you didn't go to the gym as you're falling asleep. You can do this in bed, while watching TV, you name it! Simply lie on your back and elevate your legs. Pedal as if on a bike and continue to do so as long as you feel comfortable. Try to support your back if you feel any pain in your lower back at all. This leg toner also helps prevent varicose veins! It's a great move for busy people :)
One of my favorite moves to do right before bed (even though it totally wake me up haha)
Doing it right now as I vingle.
I love doing the peddler when I'm on my bed. It was my lazy way of getting some exercise for the day. I'm so happy to learn these moves can tone the leg and prevent varicose! I don't feel guilty anymore.
These are great to do during TV commercials :)