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Okay so in my line of work, substance is not as important as feeling, but this song...I am just so confused. Good try Jaden, but maybe you should stick to acting. Its a messy track that tries to push some boundaries in production but it just comes off as noise. Here are some of the lyrics for your reading pleasure. “Man, I Met A Girl At Coachella/ I Like Her But You Know I Couldn’t Tell Her/ Cause She Has Her Own Fella/ And I Met Her Blow Dealer/ He Told He He Was A Whole Seller/ And I’m Fly As Propellers/ And iI’s Rainin’ Umbrellas” Maybe I'm completely off base, maybe this will be a hit. Who knows.
Hopefully his dad can work with him a bit to make him a great artist one day!
I can here that it's an interesting take but I feel like the sound is just something I can't listen to a lot...sorry
you should take a listen to his other songs...they get even better haha. pretty amusing because he's so young
After a few listens it's not too bad!
Too bad, at least its a different sound?
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