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Poppies can be found growing wild in fields, their bright petals brightening up the landscape with brilliant bursts of red, orange, yellow and other colors. Home gardeners also find poppies easy to grow as long as a few basic conditions are met! ::Hardiness varies by variety, but generally: Zones 3 to 9 ::Growing - soon as ground warm and soft in spring - tolerant to most soils as long as well drained - can survive a frost and winter germination - 6 hours of sunshine, minimum, with shade during hottest hours in warm locales :: Pest problems - touch, but prone to some pests - Spittlebugs: leave them covered in foamyness, can be washed off with hose - hoplia beetles: eat them, larvae infest roots. Can be removed by hand and drowned in soapy water. - Aphids can be taken care of by ladybugs :: Dangerous to Pets - medium level of toxicity to cats/dogs - animals can become sedated or comatose, with slow heartbeat - can also become hyper, excited, staring off into distance - if a furry friend does ingest poppies, seek the help of a veterinarian immediately. :: Simple Care - powdery mildew can be prevented by planting them a little farther apart to help circulation - poppies don't require extra watering unless incredibly dry/hot :: Poppy Varieties and Size - can be perrenial or annual - range from 12 inch to 4 feet depending on variety - can bloom in white, pink, lavender or red
I love poppies, especially since they're such a rich red and have so much to do with remembering those who died. It's such a special flower.
@galinda Mine as well! @MasriDaniela Yes, indeed, but they can be grown!
I love how many colors these can come in. They're one of my favorite flowers.
simply georges
I love those flowers ....but so fragile ....