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It's been a while since I have started barre workouts, but I still find myself returning to these basic moves for an awesome workout. These four moves will target your legs, abs, and arms. I've also found my posture improved drastically since starting these workouts. Give it a shot if you haven't already! 1. Starting in 1st position (heels together, toes pointed out) and bend your knees. Rise up onto your toes, straighten your knees, and then lower the heels as you roll through your foot. Do this 8-10x then reverse, rising on your heels first. Expert tip: Pull in and up in your abdominals and keep your shoulders directly over your hips and feet. 2. Plies: Start in 1st position on your toes (as if you are wearing a pair of high heels). Keeping your heels together and bend and straighten your knees. Go as low as you can while maintaining good body alignment. Repeat 8-16x 3. Side Leg lifts: Start with left forearm on the barre and reach the right arm and leg out to the side. Your standing leg is turning out and your lifted leg is rolling inward. Do small little lifts of the right leg. Keep the leg as high up as you can! Repeat 10-16x. Repeat with other leg. Expert Tips: Roll the lifted leg inward, keep your chest open, and lift out of your standing leg. 4. Swimming: Lying on your belly with arms extended out in front of you, lift your arms and legs off the floor. Lift your chest so that you are extending your upper spine. Flutter the arms and legs as if you were swimming fast! Repeat 10x. Expert Tips: Do not push your stomach into the floor, try to keep it pulled in. Make sure you are breathing!
In addition to posture, barre also helps with balancing.
I really want to start practicing barre more often, the moves are pretty easy to do and make me feel like a ballerina :)