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Tired of the usual dinner and a movie routine? Don't just ditch the theatre, ditch the whole town! Find an awesome camping location near you and grab the sleeping bags and marshmallows! What is better than a day of hiking and enjoying nature and a night of smores and a campfire? Be sure you bring all of the necessities so this doesn't turn into a disaster date. Tent, sleeping bag, first aid kit, lanterns, food, WATER, lighters, etc. Just one more thing: Bring bug spray!
It's such a cute idea, and a great little weekend getaway too!
Ummm... this is just "Hurdle #1" w/ most of my dates! LOL Also, 2 things; skip the standard "bug spray" (it doesn't stop mountain mosquitoes, no matter how strong), but the "lighter version" sprays (Off makes a 'skin friendly' stuff w/ Aloe & w/o the aerosol) + about 20 or so "mini-tiki torches" w/ about 2+ gallons of Citronella oil to ring your campsite with - that way your not going to bed smelling like Yuck! (although, admittedly, it can be kinda funny when you hear people getting intimate in their tent only to hear retching noises from someone suckling insecticide off their mate) 馃槀 About the wifi; get a prepaid Hotspot - most of them will work anywhere a cell reaches (which these days is almost everywhere, even in deep wilderness), otherwise, just take the break w/o it and "tech detox" & reconnect w/ the one you're there with... 馃槈
I would be so horrible on a camping date. I'm a mess without a good wifi signal.
This is definitely a good-weather date! It would be horrible if it rains :/
Yes to the bug spray, double yes to the s'mores!