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Making Your Garden Look Bigger with Mirrors
I always love a good illusion, and with my tiny backyard I think this might be my favorite one yet! Placing mirrors around your garden, especially on your fence, will make your garden look like it stretches much farther than it actually does. Try finding vintage mirrors from local thrift stores and give them a new paint job!
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This is such a smart idea! I wonder if this does double-duty and scares some pesky birds away.
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These mirrors are really pretty, I'll have to hit a garage sale soon to see if I can find anything like this!
3 years ago·Reply
I heard of using mirror to give an illusion of more space indoors, but this is my first time seeing it used for outdoor gardens. Genius!
3 years ago·Reply
I only ever thought of using mirrors for spatial expansion inside, but why not in the garden?! Awesome!
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Really cool idea @sophiamor, I think putting them near colorful flowers would be great because it will look like twice the color!
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