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Every book I read by Haruki Murakami turns me into a bigger fan. There is a gentleness and pensiveness to his prose that tempers the often stark, painful directness of his characters and their situations. I have seen very few authors who so expertly and seamlessly combine modes, genres and moods within one story - and this is repeated in Wild Sheep Chase as in the other Murakami novels I've read so far. There's humor, there's passion and impulsiveness, there's long-standing devotion to a person or an idea, there's an unflinching attention to the realities of the human experience combined with whimsical yet dark fantasies of the mind that seep between the real and metaphysical. Wild Sheep Chase, like many of his novels, is a detective story at heart - something also not-so-subtly alluded to as the character reads Sherlock Holmes. There is a mystery to be solved about a strange sheep, some secretive, sinister power-brokers, and a journey peppered with clues. However, the detective story is enveloped in reflections on the complex influences of history on individuals and communities, the tenuousness of perceived reality and the nefarious pull of the darkest reaches of the mind.
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I'm wary but I'm definitely still looking forward to it. My friend has been a lifelong Murakami fan and she doesn't want to read it. She said she's been disappointed since 1Q84. I'm still keeping the faith, though!
@sanityscout I actually loved 1Q84! I guess every story is different for everyone :)
That's really good to hear - I haven't read it yet but I want to think I will love it.
@sanityscout Just make sure you have a lot of time to spare :) It was originally released as 3 books but the English version is just one giant novel!
Thanks for this! I've been waiting to read something new, and I think I might have found it @sanityscout