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She has eyes that will tell you a story, stories of love, wanting to be love, loved lost, and love she found one day while cleaning her closet listening to a song that reminded her of me. This is a poem within a poem a secret letter to the world about how a princess and a prince only wanted to grow up and become King and Queen. We lost each other in a storm of minds when a storm of mines forced me to blow south and she remained looking through the debris, never finding me. Life goes on, and on, and she moved on and went west where she could leave the rest of me, and move forward through time where she could love someone peacefully, with no storms, no tears, no fears of loving deeply, because she would never love anyone as deep as me. Life goes on, and on, and memories fade and she remembers the day she carried an Angel, God let her borrow from heaven. The Essence of this being, this most heavenly thing made her forget, made her forget about me. Life goes on, and on, and one day she and i were looking at stars, in different places in the universes pointing at the same star, in that moment I felt her heart. I remembered that I was a prince again, She, a princess with a crooked crown. I found the Queen in she, and made her smile. I prayed for the day that our love once again would be found. Life goes on, and on, and together we two will fight the storms that once pulled us apart, as I secretly to the world love every inch of her heart.
great piece, sadly so real but I really liked it ..
Thank you @timeturnerjones. This was inspired by real life events.
@AhmadBlack Cool writing as always; thanks for sharing!!
I really love the "love found in her closet" line. Conveys that unexpected feeling we get when we stumble upon love, and aren't quite sure where to keep it.